Thursday, March 23, 2017

National Puppy Day!

In honor of National Puppy Day, we thought we'd share this infographic on how to be a rad, puppy-loving human. Thanks My Sweet Puppy for sharing this infographic with us!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why Travel Local?

We have been truly amazed and gracious from the band of customers who have supported our little company throughout the years as part of the "buy local" initiative.

Over the years, we've committed to buy our materials from US vendors, make local dealers a priority, keep our production here in Bellingham, Washington, and employ local designers and talent from the Pacific Northwest. And it's been great. But we leave ourselves asking, "what more can we do to support our local businesses even more?" And the answer is clear: travel local.

Often, the idea of supporting our local communities when a vacation beckons seems to leave our mind. Either we are anxious for a new view, or craving different weather. But there are some major benefits to staying close to home when the long weekends, holidays or vacation time beckon.

Reasons to Travel Local

  1. Traveling local allows you to look at your state and community through the eyes of a visitor, trying things you may have never done, even though they are in your own backyard. It's a great time to do that thing you've always wanted to do: try that new restaurant, visit that hot spring or venture out to that new trail. 
  2. A "Staycation" is very cost effective because cost of travel and lodging are dramatically reduced. Staying close to home means less gas money, and you either head home at night, or opt for alternative overnight accommodations such as camping, couch surfing, renting a room, or even staying in usual accommodations such as glamping tents, a tepee (found all over the Northwest) or rentable fire watch station (available through the National Forestry Service).
  3. Staying close to home means less travel time. Think of it: no lines, no traffic, no crowds, no passport, no customs line, no rest area bathroom stops!
  4. When you travel close to home, taking your four-legged companion is easier. There are fewer "potty breaks" along the way, you are more familiar with dog-friendly businesses, and there's fewer arrangements to make ahead of time.
  5. Traveling local is less harsh on the environment because it doesn't expel emissions from a plane or long car travel. We give this idea "two paws up" for reducing your carbon paw print.
  6. Staying close to home allows you to discover the lesser-known, yet fantastic adventure opportunities right out your back door. You may discover a new trail, a new sport, or a new destination for you and your dog to explore.
  7.  During your adventures, you may unintentionally encourage others to check out your new local spot after seeing or hearing about your adventure. This helps promote the local economy even further.
Yes, the sun and sandy white beaches are easily enticing this time of year. But traveling local is an amazing way to explore your local surroundings, while also saving money and time and helping boost the local economy. All in favor of local travel, raise your paw!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Love Letter To A Dog On Valentine's Day

Dear Dog,

It has come to my attention, in this month of love, that before the boyfriends, girlfriends, children, jobs and moves, there was one thing that has loved me through it all: you!

You patiently waited all day for the squeak of the door to open on the first day of my new job. You heavily nosed my significant other as to say "welcome" on our first date. You've laid with me as I cried, licked me when I was down, and walked with me when I needed exercise.

I love you. But our relationship hasn't always been perfect. In fact, it's been one of--dare I say it--compromise, on my end.

I have been the victim of thousands of cold nose nuzzles on the coldest days of the year and hundreds of hot, breathy pants on the hottest days.

I have taken you on hikes in the winter and drug you through icy patches as you stand like a statue on all fours because you are afraid of slipping, and in the fall had my clothes recolored in brown as you find every mud puddle on either side of the trail. In spring, I've chased you every time you were distracted by a bee, squirrel, dog, rabbit...and in the summer I've been showered in a bath of dog hair and river water as you shake off your spontaneous dip as close to me as possible.

We've had many adventures together camping as well, where despite lugging your bed to the campsite, you try to cozy up next to me inside my tiny sleeping bag then howl all night long at every cricket, rodent or snake that slithers within a hundred yards of camp. And when we're at home, I sacrifice at least three-quarters of my bed to your canine comfort.

There's never day when your water bowl doesn't have a puddle surrounding it and giant, soggy pieces of kibble floating in it. But no worries, if that's not fresh enough, you find your way to the "watering bowl" (as you like to think of it) where I always manage to sit down on a combination of cold toilet water and foamy dog spit splattered all over the toilet seat.

Sometimes I think to myself: there must be a better roommate for me. One that feeds themselves, has a job and smells a little better when they get out of the shower. But then I think of just how short our time together really is. One day, you won't be there to greet me with a giant bound as I come through the door, or motivate me to go for that rainy day walk. That three-quarters of the bed will feel empty and that sleeping bag too large.

As it turns out, Dog, you are the love of my life. Your purity, heart, conviction, patience and excitement add meaning to everything we do together, and I just want to say...I love you and thank you for being my dog.

Be My Valentine,

Your Human

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Rad Year In Review

Of course the beginning of every new year has so many great things to look forward to: so many trails to be broken, adventures to plan, and road trips to take in the year ahead! But we've had a great 2016--stellar in fact--and we don't want to cruise into the new year without taking a look as some of the new and incredible ways we've grown in the past year.

So, we thought we'd share these interesting little facts about our year at Rad Dog Pet Products. What color did our customers like the most? How far did our products travel? And, what breed is our smallest customer? Read on to find out!

A Rad Year In Review

  • Top Instagram Posts From Other Contributors: 
    • @crunch_adventures, @pawsonpeaks, @pawsforabeer, @kelpie_subaru and @outdoorrunning
      Our Dogstagrammers
Our New Olive Green Release 'N Run
  • Most Popular Color:  
    • Blaze Orange, followed by Red 
      Blaze Orange: Our customer's favorite color choice
  • The Best Color Choice for the Release 'N Run (Based on Dog Fur Color):  
    • Red-furred dogs look best in the Fuchsia
    • Blonde dogs look great in Olive Green, Turquoise and Blue
    • Brown-furred dogs look good in Olive Green and Blue
    • Black and white dogs look great in bold colors like Fuchsia, Turquoise and Red
      Black dogs look great in bold colors
  • Farthest Place an Order Was Shipped:  
    • Perth, Australia (9,251 miles from our production in Bellingham, Washington)
  • Most Interesting Places We've Shipped Our Products To:  
    • Higashiyamatoshi, Japan
    • Alvsio, Sweden
    • Schalsum, The Netherlands
    • Duisburg, Germany
    • Bray, Ireland
    • Dubai, UAE
      We've shipped our products to Dubai!
  • Number of Instagram Likes: 
    • 11,423
  • Number of Instagram Comments: 
    • 785
      You bark, we listen!
  • Most Popular Day Online at  
    • Free Shipping Day, December 16th
      FREE is a very good price!
  • Largest Audience Outside the US: 
    • Russia
      We have a lot of Russian Rad Dogs!
  • Most Popular Product:  
  • Most Popular Time to Shop For Your Dog On Our Website: 
    • 5pm PST
      Time to shop!
  • Smallest Dog Featured On Our Website: 
    • Aussie Shepherd (We need more! Follow us on Instagram and use #radwinterdog to make the connection with us!)  
To all our rad customers (four-legged and two) that contributed to these statistics, thank you!  It's been a RAD year and we look forward to another one!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there.

If the job of Santa Paws has you a little behind this Christmas, no worries! You don't have to disappoint your fur-babies! There are plenty of small and creative items you can fill your rad dog's stocking with this holiday season that are a far cry from the hastily-filled and pre-stuffed pet stockings from the pet store. This year, choose to fill your dog's stocking with items that promote health, exercise and locally-made products.

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

  1. Detachable collar light for outdoor exploring at night
  2. Organic dog treats 
  3. A portable dog bowl like the Pocket Bowl
  4. A new dog tag 
  5. Biodegradable poop bags
  6. Dog whistle
  7. A ball
  8. Dental chews
  9. Himalayan dog chews
  10. Frisbee
  11. Dog shampoo
  12. Gift certificate for grooming or nail clipping
  13. "Wag more, bark less" sticker
  14. Musher's Secret protective paw wax
  15. Dog pedometer
When deciding what to fill your dog's stocking with, the best gifts are gifts that promote health, happiness and sustainability. Choosing items that promote exercise, healthy eating, good dental hygiene and are equally friendly on the environment are a win-win.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thinking Outside the “Gift” Box: Gift Guides for the Hard To Buy For

If you’ve ever Googled the phrase, “gifts for the hard to buy for,” or spent hours swarming the Internet for ideas for a hard-to-please person, you know that finding the perfect gift for the picky is practically impossible! It should be easier these days, with so many companies with fascinating products and ideas just a click away on the Internet, yet somehow more options just means more to weed through when trying to find the perfect gift.

So, we’ve spent the last few months searching for those perfect products for different types of people—from trendy dog owners, to trail runners, to techies. We tried to think outside the “gift” box, looking not only for products, but for innovative ideas such as memberships and subscriptions too.

All the companies and products we sought out have something in common with our own company: some are local to the Pacific-Northwest region, some are made entirely in the USA, and some are an engineer’s fantasy, giving us a sneak peek at where product innovation is heading in the future. For whatever the reason, we hope you join us in supporting these interesting and innovative businesses. And, find that perfect gift along the way!

Gifts for the Trendy Dog Owner:


 Putting Your Pet First” Book by John Sleasman

Gifts for the Trail Runner:


(not pictured)

Never Run Alone” Women’s Dog Tee

CamelBak Hydration Pack

Gifts for the Avid Bike Rider


Live to Ride Decorative Sign

Freehub MTB Community Magazine Subscription (available online & in paper form)

Blinged Out Dog Paw Bike Bell

(not pictured)

CamelBak Palos 4 LR Waist Hydration Pack


Gifts for Outdoor Techies Who Like Gadgets



Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


HYDAWAY 21oz Collapsible Water Bottle (Assorted Colors)


Rad Dog Release ‘N Run Collar with Retractable Leash (in Blue)


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness for Adventuring


RinseKit® Portable, Pressurized Outdoor Shower


Gifts for the Environmental Do Good-er



Freehub MTB Community Magazine Subscription (available online & in paper form)


Rad Dog BioHybrid Dog Waste Bags


100% Natural Himalayan Dog Chews


HYDAWAY 12oz Collapsible Water Bottle (in Chili)



Trendy. Athletic. Outdoorsy. Techy. Do-gooder…No matter what their gig, we’ve found a gift for them. From retractable leashes, to collapsible bottles, to social networking apps, the gift solution is there, you just needed help finding it!

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Know if Your Dog is Really A Werewolf

While the werewolf may be a figment of our imaginations, they are wolves nonetheless. So it makes sense to mention the werewolf on a blog about dogs during the spookiest month of the year.

With their superhuman strength and canine senses, werewolves embodiment of both man and beast. In fact, even the name “werewolf” comes from the root “wer” meaning male man, and wolf.

Stories of the werewolf date back as far as the written word. In the original stories, which can be found in ancient Romanian and Greek pieces, the werewolf was able to change form at will. Modern pieces, such as Teenage Werewolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and Twilight have distorted character and appearance the traditional werewolf, however there are some similarities that are commonly carried from story to story. These similarities include the following, agreed upon features of a werewolf.

How To Spot A Werewolf

  • Born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (considered a divine punishment for competing with Christ's birthday according to legend)
  • Red Hair
  • Unibrow
  • Index and middle finger are the same length
  • Appetite for raw meat
  • Insatiable thirst for water
  • Hair on the palms of the hand
  • Strange sleeping habits and the tendency to restlessly circle around the bed before laying down
  • Changes back to a human if a piece of iron or steel is thrown overhead in animal form
What can we learn from vigilantly scouting for a thirsty, raw-meat-eating human? Well, probably nothing, but you may never be able to look at a red-head with a unibrow the same again. And if you dog was born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you may not want to throw iron at them, because they might turn into something a little more scary than the hairy Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf.